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Small Business Website Design 

A small business website is a perfect and economical way to advertise your business locally, nationally, or globally. More and more, consumers search the internet, rather than the yellow pages, to find a service or product. If your business does not have a business website, you could be missing a large percentage of your potential customers or clients.

A small business web site can be as simple as your business card or just basic information about your company and your services. Or, it can be a multi-page web site that provides details and advice about your products or services.

Another form of a small business website is an E-commerce, or  a small business shopping cart website. These types of websites have become a popular shopping alternative for consumers, who now buy everything from books to clothing to automobiles or pet toys using the internet and online shopping.
What is ecommerce and why do you need it?

To put it simply, e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services on the internet. You might think that the arena of e-commerce, or online shopping, is only for big businesses, but today many small businesses are very successful at selling their products and services online, both nationally and internationally.

Hot Internet Network™, Inc. builds affordable e-commerce web sites for small and medium businesses in the Chicago, IL  area and around the United States.  Hot Internet Network™, Inc. can help you take your business online.

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