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SafPal® Seller Protection Certification Program

Saf Pal Certification Program

Exclusive PayPal® Certification by SafPal

Payment fraud is rampant on the internet today. It’s never been more important to know exactly who you’re dealing with in a financial transaction. With SafPal, PayPal® sellers must pass identity verification and criminal background checks to become certified. With PayPal® Certified sellers you can rest assured that you’re dealing with trustworthy, reputable individuals.

How to Become PayPal® Certified

Submit an application to become PayPal® Certified. SafPal will verify your identity and conduct a criminal background check. If you have no history of criminal behavior, such as fraud or larceny, your application will be approved* and your account status will be updated. Your annual membership costs just $39.95 per year.

Membership Benefits

With your SafPal membership you are entitled to post the PayPal® Certified seal on your website or in your email signature. Your seal is linked to your profile page displaying your account status. Show the world that you’re serious about fighting payment fraud.

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