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What is a Mobile QR Code & Why Should I Care?

Get your own Hot Internet Network Mobile QR Code!To answer these questions, let’s me tell you a little history about the QR Code ( “Quick Response”).  The QR Code was developed by Toyota back in 1994 as one of a number of bar codes that were used for tracking their auto parts.  QR Codes have evolved from the automotive industry to the mobile phone as people desire for a quicker way to receive instant data.  Today, a Mobile QR Code is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan since 1998, widely used in Europe the last several years, and is now only getting traction in Australia and the United States .

Using a fancy Marketing Term, QR Codes are in an early adopter stage in the United States and industry experts believe QR codes will be common place within 18 to 24 months!

Why does this matter to you?

It is quite simple, the future of online and offline marketing will be affected by the QR code technology.  The sooner you embrace it, the sooner you will see the huge potential it offers all marketers both online and offline!

Let’s explain a little more.  We will try to spare you all of the techie jargon and keep it pretty simple!

Mobile QR Codes are a cell phone readable bar code that can store phone numbers, web site URL’s, email addresses, contact information and pretty much any other alphanumeric data you would like to store within a QR code.

Think of a QR-code as “print-based hypertext links” and you’ll start to get the idea.

In it’s simplest sense think “print based hypertext link” – simply encode a URL into the QR Code and then point a mobile phone (or other camera-enabled mobile device) at it. If the device has QR code reader software installed on it, it will fire up its browser and go straight to that URL.

But it doesn’t stop there – a QR Code can also contain a phone number, an SMS message, business card data or just plain alphanumeric text, and the mobile scanning device will respond by encoded the data within the QR Code.

It doesn’t matter whether the QR code is upside down or wrapped around a curved surface, the encoded message will still get through.

There is no more need to try and jot down a phone number or try to type in that long URL on your tiny cell phone key board. Just take a picture with your phone!

While there is room for improvement in the mobile phone readers in the United States, the rest of the world is showing the true power of QR Codes.

Let your business say what you want to say, to who you want to say it with a mobile QR code.

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