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Website Redesign – Website Makeovers

Have you noticed that your competitor’s website looks a lot better than yours? Or maybe you need a change of scenery – new colors, more content and better navigation throughout your site. You should change your website’s design at least once a year. The look of your website can make or break you, and that’s no joking matter. You only have seconds to make your first impression with your site visitors, and if it’s not a good one, you’ve lost a potential customer. Attention to detail and good design sense can go a long way.

Contrary to what someone may have told you, you do not need lots of bells and whistles to entertain your visitors. A simple, professional and well designed website is generally a winning combination. Who wants to wait 5 minutes for a Flash intro page to load? Music playing in the background, flashing graphics, moving text, you have all seen “those” sites – the ones that crash your browser or require you to download plug-ins just to view them. Remember, just because your neighbors 14 year old can build a web page with Front Page Express, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a success. It takes talent, learned skills and a lot of hard work to be able to create a successful Internet presence.

What can do for you a Redesign Service?

An organization’s web site is much more than just another communication vehicle for the internet. We design and develop custom web sites that help build brands, promote products and enable e-Commerce solutions. We specialize in bringing businesses online with innovative technologies and approachable design. Successful web site design lies in its ability to combine rich content and innovative design with intelligent applications. We create dynamic web sites that interact with users and reflect the image of your organization.

Our clients are #1 (that would be you!) and we work closely with our customers to develop a fully integrated web presence that bridges the gap between internet technology and specific business goals and needs, while trying to convey everything to you in plain English, not techno mambo jambo.

We design and develop eye-catching and professionally custom web and multimedia sites for a multitude of businesses. Our highly skilled, creative and experienced designers follow the Five Basic Rules of Web Design in creating your web site to provide you with a competitive advantage in positioning your services and products. The five basic design rules are:

  • Easy to read web site
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to find
  •  Consistent in layout and design
  • Quick to download

All web designers need motivation for designing and there are plenty of resources which are available online which motivate as well as educate web site designers.

Since web design is dependent on the latest technology, it is imperative for web designers to read about what is new in their field and educate themselves with the latest user interface development software. If you are a web site designer, the below mentioned list will be helpful in providing information about some of the sites that leading designers use to update them selves or search for resources for their design:


One of the most important things which you need in any web site design is images. Sometimes a customer may provide relevant images for the web site but most of the times you have to depend on the online resources for copyright free images which can be used for the web site. These sites provide images but they are usually on a paid basis. Some of them may charge you per image, and some might provide a subscription model where you pay for a year and have unlimited access to the entire image databank. Pricing of images are based on the objective of the image and the resolution in which you want to buy it.

Design Ideas

Even though most customized web sites are designed just for that one customer, designers may look at template databases to get ideas. However, some designers may condone looking at such sites as it might influence their creativity and some of them might consider it to be akin to flouting copyright issues.