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Getting Buzz Going For Your Website…with little to no money

For small business owners, social networking sites is the equavelent to the water cooler, giving them 24 hour access to people around the globe.  It’s 21st century marketing with a twist, because the entry price is free.The key to internet marketing is unbiquity: making your business’s presence known across a multitude of web sites and discussion forumns. With perseverance, you’ll be able to create some buzz, and soon people from other sites may be referring to you and sending people your way.

Here are some of the ways to help kick off your own online buzz.

  • Blogs: not just idle chatter

Blogs are often known as online essays.  I recommend once you have a web site, add a blog to it.  Make posts to it 3-5 times per week to keep people coming back.  Then, create hyperlinks to your blog on other site discussion boards.  Next, join some social networks.  Join a network of like minded individuals on sites such as Facebook or MySpace.  Soon you will start seeing strangers recommending your thoughts and your web site to others.

  • Some of the social networking heavyweights

Fackbook, Friendster, MySpace,and Plaxo.

Each of these social networking sites allow you to connect with professional groups, chat with friends, and post personal or business pictures and videos. Find some groups and start chating about your interest and business.  You will be suprise what traffic starts coming your way.

  • Online Digital Towns:  Second Life

Another great site for small businesses can be second life.  This allows it’s users to socialize with each other in different online environments that

resemble towns.  Businesses can meet up with employees and promote their products and services by creating shops witin these worlds that anyone can visit.

  • Join in on the Conversation

With Twitter and Tumblr, members can follow someone’s activities or allow their activities to be followed by others. Post, what they are up to, whether business or personal and let other’s keep tabs on you.  Tumblr allows users to post videos and pictures as well.

  • What’s Happening?

Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Fark, Mixx, Newsvine, Reddit and StumbleUpon allow you to nominate and bookmark web pages that they think are worthy of attention.  You can also comment on others’ choices, while adding a plug for your own business.

  • Video your small business in Action

Youtube is the de facto web site for posting homegrown videos.  Small businesses are using YouTube and similar sites to post videos of product

demos and information.  They then link to their own sites getting massive loads of traffic.  Video watchers can also interact with a community of other users, trading thoughts and ideas about the clips they’ve seen.

  • Professional Online Networking

LinkedIn and Ryze offers professionals a place to congregate, find friends, link up through recommendations of others and search for jobs and employees.These are just a few of the places that any small business can use to get massive loads of traffic.  While you might have to spend some time every week updating your internet presence, it will not cost you a dime.