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Hot Internet Network™, Inc. Domains

Hot Internet Network™, Inc. creates unique custom domain name packages that will help extend or brand your business and develop the natural traffic to your site that you are looking for.   Natural traffic makes up about 80% of a websites monthly hits or visitors. Every website must have natural traffic to survive and thrive in an online world.  Get that natural traffic with one of our domain name packages.

After answering just a few short questions, we will be able to create a complete domain name package that will distinguish your business and drive additional customers to your website with specific keywords.  Our affordable domain name packages are developed for all kinds of small businesses.

If you are conducting Google® Adsense advertsing or any other SEM (search engine marketing) , we can help your business.  Why pay a certain cost for specific keywords or phrases when you can own the keyword or phrase.  You own the .com / .biz / .org  version of the phrase you are bidding on, you can be listed #1 under that term very easily in all of the major search engines.  Then when you are listed, you will be highly ranked and be able to get natural traffic versus paying the high cost of per clicks for your specific keywords or terms.

Hot Internet Network™, Inc. Domain Name Packages

Hot Internet Network™ offers a couple different domain name packages.  All of our packages work the same.  You pick the package you are looking for,  supply us with your custom specific keywords, then we start your domain name package campaign within 24 hours.  Once your campaign starts, a daily list of available domain names will be sent to you, you simply review the list and select the domain names that you want to register.  Hot Internet Network™ then will purchase the domain names for you.  Once the domain names are purchased, we will forward the domain names to your website and transfer the domain names to your domain account.
Why choose Hot Internet Network™, Inc. for your Domain Name Packages?

  • All domain name packages start the day you submit your keywords: no waiting
  • Unlimited number of daily lists created until you reach your specific keyword target
  • Hot Internet Network™ does 99% of the work, all you do is choose the domain name from a list
  • Complete ownership of your domain names and the ability to register additional domain names from our packages
  • Free after-sales support for setting up forwarding domain names to your website or brand

Let Hot Internet Network,™ Inc. find the perfect domain name for your business today!