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Case Study for HotStuffMonkey.Com: How a Business Can Use Twitter To Succeed

Case Study For HotStuffMonkey.Com on the Increase Twitter Can Bring to Your Business Web Site

  • Website:  HotStuffMonkey.Com
  • Industry: Internet Retail Services Website offering QR Codes Creation Services
  • Profile:  Brand New Website. Design and development started in May 2009 and just officially launched in August 2009.
  • Results:  To show what Twitter and social networking can do for a brand new business website.  Site was not launched and website in under 6 million in Alexa rankings with just using twitter.

Business Challenge:

Get a brand new website off the ground (design & development) and develop a high traffic volume of customers and prospects with using only social networking.  Get a high Alexa Ranking within launch of the brand new website.  Drive traffic and without talking about a future product offering with the offering not readily available in the market place today.

The Process:

With using the social networking website Twitter.com, we were able to take a pre-development website and develop a high Alexa ranking and existing traffic with only our social networking solution.  The process was quite simply.  We started with registering our name on the twitter.com website.  For this case, we used the name of our domain name for our to be developed website: HotStuffMonkey.  We registered our name (hotstuffmonkey) on May14, 2009.  Our plan was to develop this name and account into a sole business account on twitter.com.  In the first couple weeks, we followed about 50-60 different highly public people.  In return, we started to get our first few followers.  Being new to twitter.com, we never sent out tweets only followed people and watched what happen.  Soon we realized, something very interesting the numbers we growing on the followers and we were not doing anything special.

We can up with the social networking strategy and implemented it on June 1, 2009.  At this time we had only 157 followers.  We implemented our social networking strategy and suddenly our followers was growing by 500-1,000 new followers each week.  We were quite amazed.  More importantly, we found our followers were talking about our website (not even fully developed yet).  Below is a screen shot of our twitter account on August25, 2009.

Hot Stuff Monkey Twitter Screen Shot

If you notice, today Hot Stuff Monkey has over 16,444 followers.  This is an increase of over 16,000+ followers in only 90 days.

Furthermore, notice that during this time frame we have only posted 7 tweets.

Now let’s look at the amazing Alexa ranking data for the true rewards of social networking.

Alexa Rankings for HotStuffMonkey.Com

If you notice, you can tell this is a new website as there are no reviews, no linking data and no online since data.

Now, let’s  look at the screen shot from Google below for the number of links that are showing up (indexed) in Google.

Hot Stuff Monkey Google Link Results

Again, we have never submitted this website to any major search engine, business directory or forum group.  These are direct links that people from social networking links have added us to their own personal websites or blogs.

The Learnings:

  • learned how to get thousands of followers on twitter.com without sending out hundreds or even thousands of tweets
  • people were talking about our site without us asking them to talk about it
  • people were send tweets about our site to there followers without being asked about it
  • we were getting natural traffic to our website without it even being submitted to any major search engine or directory
  • our Alexa ranking went from 19 million June 1, 2009 to now 5.2 million on August 24, 2009
  • our website is being indexed by major search engines without ever being submitted or even finished

Cost Benefits Analysis:

The total cost for this study was in time only.  We spent about a total of about 1-2 hours on this project.  Our hourly rate at design is $75.00 per hour or $150.00 total.  The stated benefits is that our brand new site is more likely to get listed on most major search engines, it has natural traffic today, and most visitors spend over 2 minutes on our website.

Payback Analysis would be less than 30 days!  We assume we were able to see a combination of products that would be equal to or greater than $150.00.


Social networking sites can be used for more than entertainment purposes.  People are talking about things they like on social networking.  Businesses need their customers and prospects to know about there products and services.  What better way to do this than from social networking?  In our case study, we have shown how the use of twitter can increase your business website from a little know website to a highly ranked website getting existing traffic.  With very little effort, your business can be well on it’s way to starting a successful online presence.  You control what is out there about your business, make sure it is what you want said about your business.

To learn more about our Social Networking Packages, please contact us or give us a call.